About us

We believe that while a client's top-level issue typically occurs within strategy, organisation, operations or digital/technology, the solution is often multi-faceted. Therefore, we specialize in business problems which require a rigorous, multi-disciplinary and tailored approach, see below illustration.

Our skill set is widely applicable across many industries and functional topics and is underpinned by
five key characteristics:


Problem solving rigor - Applying the full set of structured problem solving techniques while adding experience, judgement and creativity. We design thoughtful and tailored business solutions but thoughtfully and selectively base these on an extensive set of frameworks, techniques, templates and best practices.

High clarity - Establishing a fact-based view on our clients' situation, issues and opportunities and constantly striving for communication excellence. We strive for the highest standards in written and oral communication at all levels focusing on clarity, no-nonsense and insightfulness.

Tailored approaches - Customizing the process and the solution to each client's unique problems and needs. We excel at solving problems which involve both aspects of strategy, organisation, operations and digital/technology. We leverage our wide project experience to see these complex interdependencies. While a particular business problem might start in one of these areas we will always include drivers and implications for the other areas. We emphasize a tailored and systematic approach to tackle the complexity in your business issues while applying problem solving creativity in each step. Several of these are industry specific. Tailored methods are always developed for each client.

Trust-based collaboration - Working closely with the client's leaders and staff to co-develop the solution and transfer capabilities to the client organisation. We form and lead integrated high performance teams and thereby strengthen the skill set of your managers and staff as part of the project. 

Distinctive results - Having a passionate drive for helping others to achieve great results which last. We focus on situations where we can make real impact resulting in increased financial value to the company's shareholders as well as increased value to customers and employees.



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