About us

Oleto Associates was founded with the vision of creating an impactful strategy consulting boutique working on global business issues using a tailored and multi-disciplinary approach.
Since the foundation in 2008 we have helped large companies and organisations in Scandinavia and internationally streamline, restructure and grow their businesses. Today the firm is well established in the market place and continues to win client assignments in competition with larger consulting firms. Our growth has been acknowledged by Børsen, the premier Danish Business Publication, who named Oleto Associates a "Gazelle company" in both 2013 and 2014.

Our mission is dual.

To our clients we want to deliver distinctive results through industry experience combined with problem solving rigor, high clarity, tailored approaches and trust-based collaboration: 

  • Problem solving rigor - Applying the full set of structured problem solving techniques while adding experience, judgement and creativity
  • High clarity - Establishing a fact-based view on our clients' situation, issues and opportunities and constantly striving for communication excellence
  • Tailored approaches - Customizing the process and the solution to each client's unique problems and needs
  • Trust-based collaboration - Working closely with the client's leaders and staff to co-develop the solution and transfer capabilities to the client organisation
  • Distinctive results - Having a passionate drive for helping others to achieve great results which last
For our people we want to provide an exciting work environment characterized by
  • Excellence and professional pride in client service, including full mastery of the management consulting toolbox and craft,
  • Significant opportunities for professional growth,
  • Team work and knowledge sharing,
  • An office environment aspiring to high performance and
  • Open and frank feedback.
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