Consumer Products & Retail

With focus on the market of individual households, the consumer products & retail industry entails manufacturers of food & beverages, personal & household products, durable goods, apparel, fashion and luxury goods as well as distributors of those goods such as supermarkets, brand shops and online stores. 

The consumer products & retail industry faces a quickly changing environment with complex and unpredictable buying behavior and variable fashion trends. In addition, new online sales channels for both household products and luxury goods, retail consolidation, increasing popularity of private labels and emerging market opportunities require companies in this industry to rethink their market position and supply chain to be successful in this fierce competition. 

We engage with clients to overcome challenges across the entire value chain, e.g.:
  • What is the optimal sourcing model for production processes?
  • How to position end products, incl. where to sell them and how to price them?
  • Should the business expand into adjacent segments in the value creation chain?
  • Where to differentiate in a commodity market?
  • How to ensure the right product portfolio mix?
  • How to adapt to shortening product life-cycles?
  • How to reduce costs across retail supply chain and distribution channels?
  • How to obtain growth in emerging markets?
Oleto Associates addresses these issues by applying multi-functional expertise and industry knowhow to deliver tailored client solutions and sustainable results. 

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