Life Sciences

Life sciences is focused on improving the health and quality of life for human beings, and encompasses biopharmaceuticals, healthcare payors and providers, medical-technology developers, medical devices, hospitals and other medical institutions.

To life science companies new product development is vital, and delivering innovative solutions with a short time to market is increasingly becoming an important competitive advantage. The industry is undergoing a transformation based on focusing product development on meeting patient needs rather than internal competences and capabilities, why the winner in this market will be the company who is able to meet patient needs during all stages of the patient life-cycle. 

We work with life sciences companies to handle various challenges, e.g.:
  • How to expand into new markets with existing products?
  • How to improve the front end innovation process, incl. idea generation and investment prioritisation?
  • Where to invest in- and how to launch new products and services?
  • How to optimise operations and reduce waste and costs? 
  • What is the right governance and structure, incl. design, competences and responsibilities in an innovative project oriented environment? 
  • How to optimise performance management of new product development?
Oleto Associates applies a holistic, structured and tailored approach when solving business problems, which ensures that both relevant strategic, commercial, operational, organisational and technical issues are touched upon, and has experience with the entire life sciences value chain.  

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