Logistic services cover a series of different segments: Couriers, express, parcel, transportation, air ocean and ground freight, shipping, logistic integrators, modal transportation, intermodal connections, special networks, cargo, postal, rail and 3rd party logistics providers.

Due to increasing production in low wage countries, lower shipping rates and individual customer needs the logistic services industry is more complex and competitive than ever. The focus on competitive trade routes and e-commerce has been growing and companies struggle to carve the right customer segment. The increasing customer dependency on long distance shipping, the contingency logistics is crucial to meet customer needs. 

We help companies address these issues, e.g.:
  • What are the focus areas to increase market share for logistic services?
  • How to optimise the supply chain? 
  • How to optimise the use of resources, e.g., labor, fuel, transportation units?
  • How to optimise the network?
  • How to innovate logistic operations and services, e.g., new products, new operating systems?
Oleto Associates analyses and presents all logistic issues and challenges by a structured approach to ensure useful and implementable solutions tailored to specific customer needs. The team has experience with the entire supply chain from various industries.

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