The manufacturing sector refers to a broad set industrial production companies and includes, e.g., engineering, construction, electronics, chemicals, metal working, plastics, transportation, textiles and food and beverages industries.

To manufacturing companies process optimisation, operations adjustments and sourcing model optimisation are some of the top priorities. Due to resent decrease in market growth, intense global competition and cost pressures, it is important that companies in this industry adapt to the new challenges and consumer needs. 

We support manufacturing companies overcoming these challenges, e.g.:
  • What is the best sourcing model?
  • How to reduce production costs?
  • How to optimise use of resources, e.g., sales, IT, material use?
  • How to innovate and improve operations and products?
  • What is the optimal material procurement model?
  • How to increase market share?
Oleto Associates has experience with several manufacturing companies. We leverage our experience when tailoring the solution to specific client needs in close collaboration with the client. Experiences and insights from different manufacturing industries create a foundation for effective and implementable solutions.
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