Public Sector

The public sector includes national and regional governmental departments such as ministries, regional and city municipalities, development funds and trade associations, defense-, justice- and social security organisations, educational institutions, and healthcare institutions.

The public sector faces a radical transformation where, e.g., many areas are being modernized, public services are selectively privatised in oder to optime the public sector delivery model. In addition the public sector is challenged to improve the quality of service with selective reduction of funding, minimised time to market from policy to execution. 

We help both national and regional public institutions overcome their challenges e.g.:
  • How to create a decision foundation for large investments, including both initial business cases and when the solution is more specific?
  • How to digitalise public service processes to improve efficiency and quality?
  • How to create a performance culture?
  • How to streamline IT governance and organization? 
Oleto Associates combines public sector industry expertise with traditional disciplines to help public sector institutions meet the demands of being an effective, cost-efficient and performance oriented service provider. 

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