Telecommunications, Media & Technology

The TMT sector is made of a broad spectrum of very different high tech and entertainment players ranging from telco network operators, media providers, IT services companies and hardware/software manufacturers.

The sector is experiencing almost constant technology dispruption, regulation changes and short cycle consumer preferences dynamics. In addition the companies are faced with an increasing pressure from business customers who looking for integrated service/solution offerings at increasingly lower cost.

We service TMT companies on a number of critical issues, e.g.:
  • How to develop the product and service portfolio in alignment with the market profit pools?
  • Where and how to digitalise the business model?
  • How to optimise time to market for new products?
  • How to structure the group, across, e.g., lines of busineses, products, customer segments, functions?
  • How to develop an integrated product, operating and IT strategy?
  • How to optimise the sourcing model across the value chain
Oleto Associates combines deep strategy and technology competences to tackle the challenges these companies are facing. We have substantial references for both telco providers, IT services companies, technology innovators and hardware/software manufacturers.
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